Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day One: Your Best Friend

Dear Obviously You Because Who Else Can It Be?,

Firstly, you probably won't read this until possibly the next month or the next next month or never until I nag you to when I'm old and hopefully not alone with 27 cats. Whatever it is, so help me, I'm following through with this. Because I'm stubborn and awesome like that. OH yeah.


I'm going to make this very short and sweet because I already sent you a long-arse outdated letter and if you don't already know almost everything about me're an impostor.

I miss you. You're like my other half. And it's not easy having your other half all the way across the ocean, thousands of miles and about 8 hours away -- by airplane. And it doesn't help that you're somehow inhumanly nerdy and I know Monash secretly wants to decapitate you and suck your brains out so they keep you busy all the time. If I could choose, I'd definitely bring you back here so I wouldn't have to wait for months or years just to see you or DAYS just to even talk to you. Then again, that's the funny thing about us. No matter how long that interval is, it somehow feels like nothing has changed at all. And nothing really has. We're still as close as banana split. Oh the irony, hurhur. ^_^v

And yes, I still love you. Almost as much as I love Rain. Almost. ;)

Here's to you coming back! More sleepless nights, more fangirling, more talks about our future, more unhealthy food, and hopefully, more piano duets. CHEERS. YOU OWE ME A LETTER BTW.

P/S: KATE FORSYTH RELEASED A NEW BOOK OMG. And I haven't gotten wrinkles yet! Hallelujah! (It is supposedly a sequel to Starthorn Tree so that's why I'm spazzing)
P/P/S: Look at the pic! Don't we look SO KYOOT?
P/P/P/S: Cher looks like a man.

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