Friday, September 3, 2010

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hello. Again!

1) Bake
2) Day trip to Genting
3) Day trip to the beach
4) Day trip to KL
5) Go to the gym more
6) Farious Five sleepover
7) Cook, at least, 4 3 meals
8) Find awesome gladiator slippers
9) Sunway Lagoon? :D
10) Visit GRC
11) Go to Action City and hug the rabbit soft toy again
12) Icecream with So-Called
13) Reread Frank Peretti's "The Oath"
14) Get Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
15) Hong's dance class for 2 weeks + continuously after that
16) Relearn To Zanarkand piano collection
17) Relearn People of the North piano collection
18) Write, something....anything.
19) Meet-up with old GRC gang
20) Clear up nonsense in laptop (why have I not done this yet -.-)
21) Buy facial stuff
22) Write 30 letters in September
23) Breathe (still a work in progress)

SO, I mentioned "Write 30 letters in September". I actually found out about this whole 30 Letters thing on Tumblr and found it interesting so I decided that I'mma do it too! at least, it gives me something to write every single day. And since there are 30 days in September, it's perrrfect! (Though I'm going to have to double post once or twice, seeing as it's already... the third... :/)

Basically, I'm supposed to write a letter of whatever length to 30 different people in a list that I have to follow. I'll post the first either tonight or tomorrow. It's no dramatic-serious-make-you-teary-&-choke letters so, no worries. ;)

Oh by the way,
birthday post downstairs. :)

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