Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Ten: Someone You Don't Talk To As Much As You'd Like

Hello, yet another letter that is impossible to base on just one person. I can confidently say that there are way more than a handful of people I'd care to have a conversation with, at least once. Not because she smells nice (...I like people who smell good- no judgement) or he looks really good cause if he did, I'd be busy conversing with my EYES, if you know what I mean. OH YEAAH, *wiggles*

No, none of those obvious things concerning the physical, but because of what they have to say. I'm interested to know what they think, how they think -- life from their point of view. Nothing too deep but just enough to make me feel that, perhaps humanity is not getting as shallow as a quarter-filled clogged up sink. I admire people who think, who speak their mind. It shows that they care enough to see beyond the exterior of things.

I do have a few fellas in mind now. Some of which I'm not friends with at all.

So dear you,
if there should ever come a day that I'd get a chance to know you or talk to you, I guess you can say that I'm anticipating that day. People like you have a way of fascinating me. I love hearing people's views and whether I agree with it or not, I learn more as I listen. It's funny cause I find that I know more about myself while I'm getting to know the other person.

Oh yeah. Don't try to be someone else. Stay you.

Cause you're awesome.


...irrelevant but I likey this pic lol. Sleepytime!

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