Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Next Part

Just when I thought I've found my rightful place at work and realized that it's totally okay to just be myself in order to be closer to the others there, something screwy-uppy just had to blow up in my face.

Last week, I called my manager to ask her to change the timing of my shifts and since I was already on the phone with her, I let her know that I'm not sure WHEN I could work next week onwards. I assume she was busy so she just said, "Oh, okay. You come in first la." So I thought I could talk about it but so happen on the days I worked, she wasn't there. Then the new schedule came out and, hey presto! My name wasn't in it. My friends all came up to me with the same expression: YOU QUIT ALREADY?!

The next day I went to Zara to straighten things out and apparently, my manager heard that I said I CAN'T work anymore next week onwards. I was like... stun. Then she told me she'd arrange the schedule and call me but up to now she hasn't. Dearlord, I feel like I quit my job without actually, you know.. quitting.

Now I'm left to wonder if I still have my job or not. I shall be gracious and patient and not be totally frustrated.


This is Jeff and his beloved Patrick.

Chin Mun, the crazy Chinese girl.
Actually.. dua-dua pun gila lah. :P

SECOND SEM HAS BEGUUUUN! It was so refreshing and high-ing to finally return to college after our lengthy holidays. Plus I was excited to see familiar and NEW faces too. Nehehehe, juniors! We don't have enough of them. I wanted an army of juniors. D:

My pretty son and his weird, V mohawk thingy.

Hello Kenneth! I like your shirt :D

Mmhm, life is starting to get busy again. It's bittersweet but I'm ready to see where the next few months take me. After all, it's already so close to the end of 2010... anything could happen. :D

P/S: I think, there's something wrong with me.

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