Friday, October 29, 2010

What's The Haps 2

I ARE TOO LAZY TO UPDAAATE D: I'm not even sure if I still have readers or not because, I've not checked or anything. Sigh, such failure at blogging I've become.

What happens during moral classes: Nothing. Nothing at all.
Especially when you get a sub lecturer who insists on everything in BM.

also, my first time webcamming with Roberts that day :D

Woke up extra early at 7am, just to make breakfast for my ah gong and Elaine.
Tomato bruschetta! Omnomnom. Gardenia trumps High 5 bread, forevaaaa.

Joined a "study session" in Starbucks with Darren, Vic and Kim.
Conclusion- no studying was done. But the Starbucks was awesome.

Did a whole lot of browsing through fashion photos on this day,
cause I really wanted to revamp my wardrobe. Basically throw out all my old stuff which is, A LOT. I get a lot of pass-me-downs, okay. It's usually what the youngest gets. =/

I also realized that my fashion taste is kind.

I can has no icecream man =(


I drove up to Ampang lookout point. IN A FRIGGIN' KANCIL.

It was seriously quite a fun road trip though, considering the fact that I've never even driven near KL before. I wouldn't mind doing it again. :D

It was worth it anyway. The view from up there was amazing :)

Got served by my sifu.

OH yeah!!

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