Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Know That,

1. I fail at shopping

2. I always regret not buying things that I really want

3. But I never regret still having money in my pocket

4. I am totally not a 'dress' person

5. My throat suddenly feels really swollen. Soph don't like. Don't like at all.

6. I miss my car so much I actually enjoy driving my friend's car a lot

7. I pretty much suck at updating my blog now

8. I've been eating a lot of salad this month

9. I am not prepared for prom. At all.

10. We are just two months away from 2011


vonn said...

where is your cbox? T_T

what happened to ze jitterbug?

sophira chong said...

My cbox got attacked by a lot of nonsense and I lazy to clear it out -.- What happened to your cbox also?

Jitterbug's been taken by my dad till he gets his new car. I feel so, trapped T_T