Thursday, December 30, 2010

These Are The Best Days

Despite how traditional and same-old Christmas is, I don't think I'll ever ever get sick of it. I'll never get sick of Christmas carols or family dinners or exchanging gifts with friends. Of course, it'd be 101 times better with snow but ah.. who's counting, :) And my Christmas is SUPER traditional. Exact same thing every year. It'll be, family dinner > aunty's house > huge feast consisting of turkey, lamb, roast chicken and salad > carols > presents > everyone talking randomly while my uncle sleeps on the floor at the corner.

Lol. Such is life.

And I'm very thankful for the gifts this year too though I've been getting an overload of soft toys, o__o. Each one still bears meaning nonetheless. So, I likey!

The best gift I got this year is probably from my parents -- permission to go PD with the gang. Bawwww, you guys are too awesome :') Cause despite the polluted beach, polluted sea water, polluted food and probably polluted everything else... I had the time of my life there. Now that dirty place holds so many dear memories lol wth.

Highlights of the Port Dickson trip:

the beach, obviously.

First thing we did when we got there was run to the beach like happy little children, :D

and catch helpless crabs, :DD

The failed sunset that Jon and Terry made us go down second time to watch.

iPad addiction.

Yes, the Lai's brought their iPads and our nights were filled with Tap Tap Revenge, Fruit Ninjas, Hangman and killing stick figures by smashing them on the ground. :D

awesome seafood dinners.
Ooooh the fish, omnomnom.

banana boat.
Ohmylord, this was.. gruelling. Grace and I were enjoying so much until they tipped us off and if having giant guys falling on you isn't enough, climbing back onto the boat was no kidding. It was so damn slippery. And they tipped us like three times, o____o

Still, fun experience. Next, jet skiing woo!

pet crabs.
Hannah and her crab, Crabby.

Grace and her crab, Patrick.

Jon and Terry's crab that they caught at 4AM. And I was with them. Dearlord.

poker games.
They just couldn't get enough.

my piggy.
That everyone (BRYAN) kept stealing. How can you not love my piggy. It's so full of win ^_^v

southern comfort.
Oh, how can we forget the Southern Comfort.
The source of everyone getting high, pretty much.

lol, so attractive.

the last night and day.
...have got to be the best and highlight of my whole year, really. It's something even words describing it wouldn't do the justice. It was a compiled number of moments that I'd only usually dream of.

Like talking to Julian on the balcony.
Like Jon making me climb over a damn high gate on the stairs.
Like finding glowing planktons on the wet sand.
Like watching Jon and Terry attempt to catch a crab at 3/4AM.
Like sitting in between my closest friends on a bench overlooking the whole sea and just above were stars.

And the next morning, spending an hour by myself on the same bench.
Perfect moments, I tell you. I'd give anything to relive them, :)

I didn't end up regretting a single second. I'd say it was the best way to end the year even if it's not really the end just yet. All in all, I'd have to be the most grateful person right now. I don't remember a period of time when I've felt this happy in 2009.

Thank You God, for this year. Thank You really.

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