Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ice creams and a couple of laughs

Note to today: Thank you. :)
Yesss, mission BR was a success! I was at 1u all day once again. I don't get why not a lot of people go on wednesdays, i mean c'mon, PARKING'S FREE PEOPLE. Save money, save trees :D HA, roight. Went there with my mam, had breakfast at Old Town, then walked around looking for baby stuff. The excitement i tell you, so exhilarating. nothing beats shopping for baby things. -___-

Then I finally got to fulfill my sudden overwhelming crave for Oliver's (yes, i am aware of the fact they changed their name years ago) cheddar cheese baked potato. *licks* yuuummm. I love you ommaaa. After that, rushed to get Row's present and tried out these 3-quart pants at Padini, but damn, don't have my size T_T Geez, why are my hips so huge? D: Anywhos, after the 'tragedy', mum left me at the gym to wait for Ms Cath and Ahtebas. I waited from 3.15 till 3.50 alright, REMEMBER THIS, OKAY?! Cause i won't, since i don't keep grudges ;) Hehee. We did the same old stuff, talked, laughed (out loud. I think i was the loudest. pai sehhh.), etc blah yader. It was simple, but fun! Must go out like this more often. Very relaxing, no?

Ms Cath: So how was... Chelsea?
Ahtebas: It was good. It was fun. It was hot... and sweaty.
Soph: *brain-train goes running into a different direction*

HAHA, i love you guys :)

Anyways, sis, my 'other' mummy, and I might be heading off to Midvalley tomorrow. AND i'll finally be watching Dark Knight after gym at night. AND i might have something on for the upcoming weekends. Looks like my boring days are over for a bit. *eyebrow wiggles*
Great, time to hit the books since i had the day off.
Goodbye blog, hello Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey.

goodnight, :)

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flyindance said...

love you too kiddo =)