Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do i know her?

I just came back from Syed Abu like 15 mins ago, and i was feeling the good ol' hyperactive flow. So i grabbed my sister's badminton racket and played it like a guitar in her room (y'know, like how we used to when we were 9...). I pranced about, singing the Spongebob tune (she was trying to sing along with Jason Mraz's I'm Yours. And you're right. It did NOT work. Spongebob + Jason Mraz?) and after a while, she got 'annoyed', so she was like...

Sister: Eh, can you stop dancing everywhere, playing my racket like a honolulu?


Me: A what?

Sister: Oh, you know, that Hawaiian guitar thing.


Me: OMGOSH, dei, it's called a ukulele, NOT A 'HONOLULU'.

*silence again*

Sister: Oooohhhhh, yeeeeahh.


Ben Lee's Catch My Disease

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