Monday, August 11, 2008

Simply the kickass 'awesomest'

As a certain RouYuan would say, I am a very happy panda. :D

Well see, my flight to Aus was to be on the 6th Sept right. Suddenly, my mum comes home in the noon today and tells me that the date has been postponed to the 13th. So I was, y'know, happy la. But then just now, my hiphop instructor tells me she chooses me to be a back-up dancer for her Adidas sponsored class on the 10th. I was like, OMG, coincidence muchhh? Just imagine okay, if my mum hadn't put the flight to a later date, i wouldn't be able to GRAB this opportunity. And now i have like, TWO hands down on this. Wait, let me have my big 'yay' moment.



Hehe :D

And well, i have two other reasons for my sudden extreme burst of happiness. Reasons only I can know of. ;)

Oh and yeah, so i'm pretty good friends with my hiphop instructor right. Then only today (just now), she reveals the BIGGEST news ever. Before she was an instructor here, she was being trained. And her trainer was, none other than...

Chris Jones.

THE Chris Jones.

Don't know who he is? Maybe this picture will ring some bells.

Looks familiar? Well, D'UH. He's Wade from You Got Served. You betcha! While she was giggling away, saying that he's hot (but taken. and that's where all of us slapped our thighs and went, "Daaaaarrrnit!" :P), my mouth was gaping. All that was going through my mind was, "Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. HER TRAINER WAS CHRIS JONES?!?!"

So yeah. She showed me a pic even. Of her and him, d'oh.

Tadaa. Mr Durian Head Guy.
So basically, i'm linked to famous people. Woohooo!

Anyways, i've been having a good weekend as well, indulging in food that could only make me all tingly with excitement. lol? Well, on Saturday, my parents made me go for the children's prayer meeting that was part of the whole "08.08.08" thing. It was alright, i guess. After that, since Ms Cath was my only source of transportation to lunch and back home, i MADE her take to me Dominos instead of going to Blueroof. Was I successful? You can bet lah :D 5 large slices of beef pepperoni. Ohhh yeeeeeaaaah.

And then on my mum's birthday, we didn't get to take her out on a 'proper' dinner so yesterday, we took her to the usual San Fran. I decided to order the Alfredo mac and myGOOSHHH. It was like... love at first taste! Paradise in a bowl! It has got to be the best pasta dish i've ever had. The best. *3 thumbs up* Uhhh....? The only thing that sucks is that San Fran's lighting is so dark, i couldn't snap any pics at all. Damnit.

Oh and i haven't been watching the Olympics much. I missed out on... a lot. Women's diving, horse riding, gymnastics, basketball, etc. But! I got to watch the men's synchronized diving LIVE today. And d'uh, China won. *dances* Vivienne and i are like, supporting China and Korea... Malaysia?

*cricket chirps*

Let's just say, we would SOO not win any medals for patriotism. That is, if there's even a medal for it......

I don't know why when a celeb dies, it's like.. so... sudden. So out-of-the-blue-till-you-find-it-hard-to-believe. It's like, you kinda expect them all to live till they're a 100 or something. Especially the really famous ones. Anyways, good ol' actor, Bernie Mac, passed away on Saturday cause of pneumonia.


Jay-Z's I Just Wanna Love Ya
Earth, Wind & Fire's September

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