Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sienna Miller is...

...THE homewrecker. First Jude Law, now some Balthazar dude. Who's next? Brad Pitt? I can't even imagine seeing leaked pics of my dad frolicking about with some naked lady. Seriously? Go cry yourself a river in a ditch. I have no sympathy for girls who get husbands (who has 4 children) into affairs. Gag.

Anyways, so, there's this lizard. That's staying in my room since recently? Yeah, occasionally, it runs across my table, behind my laptop. And i guess the reason why i'm not freaked out about this is because lizards eat insects. I hate insects. No offence to you bug-lovers, but i'd kill any insect i see. Wanna scare me? Then release a butterfly into my room.
....okay, wait, pretend you didn't read that.

So what do you name a lizard that lives in your room(hopefully temporary)? I didn't even know my parents named a lizard at my old house. Uhuh, they called it "Jimmy". Wth? Jimmy? That's like... that's like, 'Jim'. And 'my'.

Haha, whatonearth. that didn't even make sense.

Anywhoos, I don't understand why a lot of people ask me how are my studies. Is it really that interesting? I don't ask people how are theirs... cause i mean, that's like, one of the most boring subjects ever. Unless you're asking me, as an invitation to complain about it. Then maybe i don't mind so much :D

So since 'people' want to know, then i'll update you about it.

IT SUCKS. I feel like as if i'm going nowhere. See, my aunt's too busy with her church book and stuff, plus she's in Sydney now, so i've hardly had any tuition at all. All i do is read Luke and um.. daydream about eating potato chips. Oh and MATH. Oh gosh, math. Okay, another way to scare me: mail me a box of Math books. With an anonymous note. Now that would totally freak me out. It's more scary than those japanese weirdo girls in horror movies.

And well, my only great accomplishment so far is that i've finished reading Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew". Well actually, i finished it a while back so yeah. It's not a bad book, really. I always thought Shakespeare would be a drag. You know, with all the "thou's" and "thee's", etcblahyader. But it's not bad, i like the book. Funny and entertaining. Believe it or not, i actually lol-ed a few times. thank goodness nobody was at home when i was reading it. And i learned a few old-time-English swear words. Cool eh? Eh? :P

I joke. Really. I'm so innocent. Soph? swear? *gugu eyes*

Alrightey. Time to cram some GCSE French. Boy, I love it!



Estelle ft. Kanye West's American Boy
Shayne Ward's Breathless


flyindance said...

haha... well, i'll check with fedex what's the max weight i can stuff inside a box...

wait for my math books ok

Soph, I Am said...

Whattaheck. Then it won't be anonymous and i'd TOTALLY get you back. I'll scare you. You know what i'd do? You wanna know? You really really wanna know?? I'd.... i'd....... i would..........

So, how's life?