Friday, August 15, 2008

Hello, iT :)

So i have finally picked a name for "my" lizard. Though, it hasn't appeared since the day i blogged about it. Maybe it got scared that i wanted to name it. Or maybe it doesn't like me. Awww.
Say hello to Princess Consuella Bananahammock.

or... iT. :D

Okay so i'm not original. I copied the Princess name from Friends :P But i like the flow? ANYWAYS, i have this weird, painful feeling in my arm. I think i strained it or something but it hurts like heck. thank goodness it wasn't as bad as this morning. Or else, i have no idea how i'm gonna shower (couldn't raise my arm at all). But it still sucks cause everytime i lift it sideways or to the back, it hurts so bad. D:

So umm.. that's a nice bit of info... about my 'injured' arm? But i got no time to type aught else. I gotta go get ready. Julian's bbq, yay!

And and Athletics is finally starting! 110m hurdles (M) on Monday.

Liu Xiaaaaangggg!


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