Friday, August 15, 2008

Workout Mode: 3.964 calories

Awww, i hate going back early from parties. I hardly took any pictures.. actually, i didn't take any except with Meg and Yew, not even Jules himself. D: Depress depress. Anyways, i first met up with Grace at 1u, bought Jules's present and then headed off to his house to, partay. It was sure good to see him again! It's been months. And then i was so happy (and hyper. and no, not from the shandy like ahem ahem.) to finally get to see these 2 chiccas again...

Megan! and a blurry YewYew behind.


And of course, Zoe! But i didn't get to take any pics with her :( Seeing them made me realize how i much i miss them, literally! So anyways, we did the usuals y'know, eat, talk, laugh. It's been a eons since i heard the guys talk shiats like they used to... like they still do. ahaha. After that they were busy ddr-ing and i was busy, laughing my arsenal off (especially at the workout ppl on couch. wth??). It was all good fun, though i really wish i stayed longer! cries. We all look older but um, other than that, nothing much has changed. :P

Okay, so i look like crap in these photos, but.. ah well.


Our attempt to squeeze into one photo.

Can't wait for our *airquote* study group *airquote* to be formed. ;)

Omigoshh, mumsie bought me potato chips!


Christina Aguilera's Dirrty
Jesse McCartney's Leavin'

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