Monday, August 18, 2008

Of the Olympics and such

Annyong! Sorry i've not been updating... 'been too lazy to. :D Anyways, i've been busy watching the Olympics. Athletics, gymnastics, swimming, etc. Earlier Josh told me about the Hungarian guy who's elbow got dislocated out of it's socket during the weightlifting. When i saw it, i was like OMGWTHBBQ. Damn disgusting... and painful! It's his first Oly. somemore. Sad. D:

Besides that, YES I KNOW ROIGHT, Malaysia lost! It was so stressing watching Lee Choong Wei play and it was the only time i drifted off from my unpatriotic self. :P I was really hoping he'd win cause he played so well in the previous matches, but oh wellll. At least he got silver! Still better than many other countries who only got bronze. Malaysia boleh? :D

Tomorrow, LIU XIANGGG!! Jia you! Fighting, aza aza! Oh and yeah, Michael Phelps is amazing, really. He managed to complete his '8 golds' goal and thus, he has made history. Idk why, but somehow, in his pics, he kinda looks like Obama to me? Hmm.

Kay, i'll post more photos and stuff tomorrow (which is technically, later.) cause i'm pretty much dead right now. I'm gonna get panda eyes soon. Omg Jing Jing! <3

Sleepy time :)

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