Monday, August 18, 2008

I've got the Monday blues

Cause I was SO looking forward to this...

...only to see that Liu Xiang just ngam ngam recover a bit from his injury already and well, it still hurts, d'oh, cause his operation was about a month and a half ago? At first, he was practising and it was alright, but when it came to his turn in the heats, he couldn't even get to the first hurdle. D: He immediately pulled out. ARGHHH! What a time for an injury. Soph Am Cry. T_T So basically, practically the whole of China is pretty disappointed cause their chances of getting gold in 110m hurdles are slimmer than a traffic light pole. And I'm disappointed cause i got nothing else to look forward to. I was so LiuXiangified since the Oly started! I mean, which person in China WASN'T??? So yeah, a whole lot of people left after that.

Haih :(

Well, the only "silver lining" here is that he has 2 more Oly to go since he's only 21... Yay :D

*wave byebye*

Saturday the 16th,
Sis and I decided to try out the new cafe, Theobrama Chocolate Lounge. And for a classy name, you get a classy cafe just screaming... CHOCOLATE!!

So it's pretty obvious that it's not THE cheapest place, but the food is very nice! I almost drooled all over the table. Disgusting, but i blame them. Strawberry sensation?? Banana pancakes?? Quiche, anyone? OMG, love. Well, i did order the banana pancakes and i'm not a pancake person at all and so i don't even know why i ordered pancakes? But it was jolly good! *thumbs up*

I think i could've gone hyper there if i'd ordered somemore. :D

Sunday the 17th,
It seems like eons have passed since i last helped out my mum's nursery class. Yes, i do so love them children very mucho. Some of them are so adorable, you can't even stand it. I can't wait to have my own! Then when i'm busy, i send them to Aunty Yvonne! :D NGEEHEE.

Just a note, mornings are very bad times to take pics. Why do i look like i'm about cry? D:

Scott, Soph, Daniel trying to squish his big head in. :)

*Whee, jigsaw.... snore.*

This is Joel. He keeps speaking to me in mandarin. I've no idea why, but i'm learning a bit? Sankyou, mini sifu!

Aidan: Teacher! I very tired oh. Cause i write a lot yesterday.
Me: o_O

And the picture of the day...


So freaking cute right? He was just standing there and i told him to smile. He suddenly leaned over the table and posed like that. Hehe, such a cute kid. :)

Monday the today,
I'm still sad :(

Well, life's been going pretty ohkay right now actually. The famous question that has been going around for the past few days was, "Did you kena NS?!" So, did YOU? I really don't see the point in it, honestly. I mean, you go there, you learn to survive for 3 months, see weird supernatural stuff happening in the toilets/secluded areas, some people die, get food poisoning, etc. And you come back with umm.... a tan. The only thing i could ever anticipate if i got chosen would be that i could learn how to shoot with a gun. :D

I could be very dangerous though.

"Hey, sup Soph!"


서웅석's 마음 주지 않는 꽃
Christina Aguilera's Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
Shayne Ward's Breathless

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