Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh, where the kangas do roam ~

(hai vonn! :D)

You know what's funny about Australia? They show myriads of 'gambler's help' ads, but they make racing day a public holiday. lol? Oh, and so far, every week, at least one person dies or gets severely injured due to fights at clubs and stuff. And yet, idiotic teenagers my age still go clubbing (well, this applies to most countries anyway). Seriously. I don't get you people.

Humans suck.
Ha ha, ;)

5 more days till home! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it, but i'll definitely miss some things here...

sibling love!, extremely terribly lame inside jokes, late night ginrami sessions, movies, Anne of Green Gables, babysmell:), hecka fast download rates, SCHNOOPY, unhealthy food, good looking people *cough* guys *cough* constantly popping up & around, insane random discounts/sales, Scrubs, chicken ribs, cool breeze, less annoying people... i think....

Either way, I'll lose a little and gain a little. I wonder how it'll be studying here. For one, I sure don't wanna be stuck in some pure-blood Asian/Chinese clique or something. ANYWAYS, boring topic, I gotta go eat icecream, store some fats, watch a two-dollar movie, ask my mum endless questions about it, and i'm out!

SHINee's Amigo
Jack Savoretti's Between The Minds

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