Saturday, November 1, 2008

I took 30mins to think of a title & this is what I got

...booo. (hai vonn!)

I woke up this morning with the worst pains and cramps due to... well, you know what lah. It felt so bad, I couldn't even brush my teeth properly. Then I broke out in cold sweat, AGAIN. Gosh, stop plaguing me please. And then, practically suffered on my own for the next half hour till my mum found me pills. Clearly, period hates me. Had awful cramps for the next hour.

I felt like deathh.

But I feel better now. If not, I would've been prepared to swallow another 12 pills..... guh.

Anyways, my broinlaw's family came over. I didn't get to eat the good food. :( Oh, but let me introduce you to my favoriiiite cutie of a cousin-in-law (well, I only have two, sooo.....), Michael!

He is terribly adorable, I can't get enough of him. :) He can be really naughty and playful with his brother, but he's such an angel on his own. I want a son too!

And this is how he throws his 'mini' tantrum:





Jaeda was busy chillin'.

Aah, I love children. I anticipate the day I have my own! <3

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