Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hotness Overload

I wanted to do a super long photo update on what I've been snapping for the past few weeks but I figured I'll save that for another day when I'm even more lazy to think of anything to type. Heh. Today I'm feeling a little more pumped. It could be the scando chipster I just ate. It could be the book that I just bought. Or it could be,

Aaron Smexy Johnson. :B
Yeah, I finally got around to watching Nowhere Boy, which I downloaded like eons ago. And yes, truth be told, I did download it mostly because I saw that he was in it. :X But! also truth be told, I was interested since it was based on John Lennon's teenagehood and how The Quarrymen began. And of course, The Beatles, but they didn't have much on that. :/

His singing and everything was not bad though. It just makes me cringe at the thought of him and the director getting all chummy while filming that movie. I was honestly hoping that they'd break up or something but now, boom, there's a baby.


*eye twitches*

But anyway, this is what you get when you combine Aaron Johnson and an insane habit of taking craploads of screenshots while watching a movie (not uploading most of it. Your eyes may implode or explode or, whatever. THEY JUST MAY PLODE):

Sexy Face :9

...okay, that's probably the most irrelevant thing BUT, AWWWWW, ISN'T THAT THE CUTEST DOGFACE?? *heart melts*

Oh yeah, and I noticed that I have this unhealthy obsession with wanting to edit other people's work. I remember it started out in GRC years ago when Chanelle let me read an essay of hers and I was biting my lower lip trying to contain myself but I finally blurted out, "CAN I REWRITE YOUR ESSAY PRZ?"

And now I'm doing it for people's assignments. It's probably not a good thing but, I don't mind really. Am I weird o_o


Yep, I think I am.

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