Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day Eight: Your Favorite Internet Friend

Greetings and salutations! You will never read this! :D

Although you could but I'm never going to give you my blog link anyway cause.. our friendship only goes thus far and I personally don't think you should know anymore. Not until we magically meet up or something, which I doubt would happen. I think. *sadface. Besides, we accomplish way more through our sporadic conversations. Yay us!

I still remember how we met -- through the most retarded website ever, which I shall not disclose because that would diminish my non-existent, imaginary and self-made reputation. :P I remember you messaging me and me saying "I love Elves too!" and WOOSH! MAGIC PANDAS!

Out of all the "internet friends" I made--which were only three--you're probably the only one I could genuinely dub as my friend. The only one I went so far as to actually talk to about life, goings-on, etc. I'm guessing there are probably more of you out there but I don't trust risk-taking in befriending people on the internet that much now, OBVIOUSLY. Plus there are only so many caucasian people you meet who really, sincerely just want to be friends for the sake of… nothing else. No 'secret, second intentions' or you know, want to come my house and stab me cause your name isn't actually Steve and you're actually a serial killer up in… Greenland.


But back to point, you're pretty awesome. You're different and it's probably cause you're an Elven-loving, fantasy manic, very humorous guy (omg now to think about it, no wonder I found you so entertaining. Which other guy loves Elves and fantasy?!). Plus you're not racist against Asians which is an obnoxious growing sentiment, especially in Australia so, cookie points for you! :D

Other than that, I have nothing more because I think I've already said it all.
Thank you for being my friend. :)

P/S: I rebooted my Tumblr.

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