Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day Seven: Your Ex

Dear Mister Potato!

Yes, I've decided to call you that because it just came to my mind and it sounds so catchy. :D MMHM, this is a letter to you cause you're the only one and even if there were another, I think I'd still choose to write a letter to you instead. (Just in case your wondering gets the better of you- no, I do not have another -.-)

I liked us. By that, I mean that I like how we were. To me, we stood out.. somehow. And it's funny cause we didn't even do much; not like we could anyway, we were practically children minus the diapers. We couldn't drive so we couldn't date. We couldn't go anywhere exactly cause we didn't have enough money to waste away. We couldn't shout it to the world because my mom probably would've killed me, raised me back to life and then killed me the second time. For us, the months just flew by. It was so simple and direct -- just two people, a label, and a few witnesses. Then again, I guess that's how it is when you're way younger. It was all simplicity just, seeing everything as it was in plain black and white. In more than one way, I miss that. When you grow up, there are just more complications which often are just miniscule things that make us tick. So, in retrospect, it would just be darngosh awesome if we all could stay 5 years old and be freaking cute. ^_^v

Having said that, I like how we are now too. When people tell me you can't be good friends with your ex's, I just wanna be all "IN YO' FACE! :D" because it can be if you make it to be, yes? It only won't work if you don't put in the extra effort or if you just.. don't care. I'm glad we got past everything and I'm glad I decided to brave it all and IM you after a whole year of, nothing. Trust me, it wasn't easy to. I think Roanne was quite proud of me for doing so, :P

Eventhough I've told you this before, I'll tell you again- I don't regret anything and I don't wish to turn back time to change whatever happened either. Because I believe everything in the past was just a build-up to where we are today and probably, it's what's made it possible for us to be this close too.

Looking at how far we've come now... we'll be fine, for many years to come, I think. :)


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