Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blues

What up Squishyface!

Monday blues. Why? Because another week has gone by and my face still looks like it's been shit on by a squirrel. I feel like I'm 15 again, worrying over pimples and redness and whatever else. And now Daphne's not replying me so I don't know whether I can go to Nandos and eat my salad which I've been craving for the past week now. The world is really cruel, it is.

so yesterday,

...I got another free men's shirt. And it's blue. And it says England. :D

...a weird uncle (..okay, I think maybe he was around late 20s or possibly, 30s) came and chatted with me before I taught the kids' dance class in the gym. He was all "hohoho! I think I came too early for the yoga. Can I see the schedule? You look really young for a teacher! Where do you study? Which church do you go to? Do I or do I not look like I've been inflicted with a bad case of paedophilia? :D" ..Ok no, I'm exaggerating but it was weird. And he came in right after I finished too so I quickly rushed out. =/

...Jeremy joined us for dinner and then we played scrabble after. I've forgotten how fun oldschool board games are. He also tried to invent a word called "dreet".

...I skyped with Roberts and made him do lala poses. Yay me.

...we drove past my hot Canadian neighbor and I swear all of us turned and stared at him at the same time. And there were five of us in the car. OHMAIBBQSAUCE, DAMNHOTWOI. =X


I still want my Caesar salad. :(

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